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Title: With a Mother's Imagination: Cornelia Connelly's Ignatian Spirituality in the Life of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus 
Date: 2014 
Origin: Susan O'Brien 
Keywords: ccbio 
Download: ../library-materials/objects/With_a_mothers_imagination_Cornelia_Conn.pdf
Description: From the Abtract: The Society of the Holy Child Jesus founded by Cornelia Connelly in Derby in 1846 was the first Ignatian female congregation to be founded in Britain during the nineteenth century. The paper proposes that the Spiritual Exercises formed the founder of the Holy Child Jesus at a crucial point in her life and that her experience of them was the basis for the foundation of the Society, its spiritual life and educational apostolate. At the heart of the paper is an exploration of how Cornelia Connelly’s life as woman, wife and mother in circumstances that involved loss, separation and humiliation, formed her in the way that the six exercises of the Jesuit noviciate and tertianship were intended to form a Jesuit as an apostolically integrated man, prepared for mission in any circumstance. 
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