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Nursery Activities
Cornelia's Life: Identify Cornelia's picture. (Picture 1, Picture 2 , Picture 3.

Values: Love and joy
Quote: "Actions, not words" C.C.
Holy Child Schools: Understanding that they attend a Holy Child School and that there are a number of these schools.
Geography: Get to know your school.

    Color birthday cake
    Identity Cornelia Connelly as the foundress of the Society
    Matching game (see below)
    Model and articulate "Actions, not words": Make a basket and go about quietly cleaning up school.

Objective: To match pictures of Cornelia Connelly to the pictures in coloring book.
Materials needed: Individual pictures from the coloring book, blank piece of paper and Coloring Cornelia Book.
Goal: To help children become familiar with the story and pictures of Cornelia.


  1. Read the Coloring Cornelia Book to students.
  2. Each child receives 6 individual pictures of Cornelia which they place in front of them.
  3. Teacher shows 1 picture and asks, “Who can find the picture where Cornelia has an idea and is thinking about beginning the Sisters of the Holy Child?” 
  4. Student finds that picture and holds it up to show everyone then he/she puts in down.
  5. Teacher takes another picture – Who can find the picture where Cornelia is older and is wearing clothes that have a collar and buttons?
  6. Repeat. Each student finds that picture.
  7. Who can find the picture where Cornelia is wearing a veil around her head?
  8. Who can find the picture that shows children outside of a Holy Child School?
  9. Who can find the picture which shows 3 sisters praying on a special feast day?
  10. Who can find the picture which shows how we feel about Cornelia Connelly?
  11. After all the pictures are chosen, the children can paste the pictures on to a blank piece of paper in any style making a mural.

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