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First Grade

First Grade Activities

CORNELIA’S LIFE: Review Cornelia's name and picture. Review and complete Coloring Cornelia Book through p. 8.
Cornelia was a loving wife, mother of 5 children. She loved to play the piano so her children could sing and dance. The Connelly family lived in Natchez, Mississippi where Pierce worked. They lived in White Cottage. Cornelia was so happy there.

VALUES: Trust, Honesty
QUOTE: “Be yourself but make that self all that God wants it to be.” C.C.
HOLY CHILD SCHOOLS: Holy Child schools are joyful, happy places where students are trusted and there is a love of learning.
GEOGRAPHY: Cornelia was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States of America. Cornelia and Pierce traveled by steamboat to Mississippi. (Photo of White Cottage, Connelly home in Natchez.)

Primary resources:
Photos of Connelly Children:


  • Decorate birthday cake [link to https://corneliaconnellylibrary.org/library-materials/res_n-6/cake.pdf] – January 15.
  • Decorate a Holy Child seal [link to ] with a drawing that represents honesty or trust.
  • Send cards to the elderly sisters in the infirmary at Rosemont:
    • Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus Infirmary, 1341 Montgomery Ave., Rosemont, PA 19010
  • Draw connected hands to make a heart to demonstrate trust.
    • Have students trace a hand twice, placing hand with fingers closed and thumb separated, pointed down toward the fingers. Cut out and place fingers together, forming a heart in the empty space. Write "trust" in the center and color. See examples – position one, position two.
  • Write sentences to respond to discussion questions from coloring book. Draw pictures to accompany the questions. Click here to download possible questions to accompany coloring book pages 1-8 for 1st grade students.
  • Study a portrait of Cornelia and draw a portrait of her or self portraits.

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