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Third Grade

Third Grade Activities

CORNELIA’S LIFE: Review and complete Coloring Cornelia Book (see coloring book questions link below). Read A Generous Love: The Life of Cornelia Connelly. Cornelia starts a new religious community of sisters: The Society of the Holy Child Jesus. She chose the name because Cornelia believed God lives and acts in each person – just as God sent his son Jesus to enter our world to teach us how to act.

VALUES: Perseverance
QUOTE: “We never know what we can do until we try. Perseverance gains the crown” C.C.
PRAYER: Glory be to God, whose power working in us, can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.
HOLY CHILD SCHOOLS: Continue penpals with another class from one of the Holy Child schools.
GEOGRAPHY: Use Google Earth to locate the Schools of the Holy Child in the United States. See link to our schools in resources.

Primary resources: If applicable, look at:


  • Cornelia Connelly Scavenger Hunt game
  • Make "stained glass" SHCJ Seal with tissue paper.
    • Copy Holy Child seal. Cut interior space out. Paste or tape various layers of colored tissue from left to right to create a faux stained glass effect, following outline of the seal. Cut out along outer line.
  • Use puzzlemaker.com to construct a crossword puzzle. *See Holy Child vocabulary word list in resources
  • Make a timeline of Cornelia’s life using information from Coloring Cornelia and/or A Generous Love.
  • Practice cursive handwriting with Holy Child vocabulary words or prayers.
  • Possible questions to accompany coloring book pages 1-23.

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