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Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade Activities

CORNELIA’S LIFE: As a review, read A Generous Love. There will be details of Cornelia’s life the children will learn for the first time. Suggested readings from Yes Lord, Always Yes by Elizabeth Mary Strub, SHCJ:

  • Pages 1 - 71: Cornelia's early life, marriage to Pierce, children, traveling to Rome, decision to join a religious order
  • Pages 109 - 130: Cornelia's educational philosophy, her spirituality, and a description of her personality
  • Pages 151- 156: Cornelia's death and brief discussion of "What happened after?"
  • If you want a condensed version, the "Flip book" from the American province's web site is very useful.

VALUES: Dedication, Integrity
QUOTE: "Generosity, generosity, generosity must be the beginning and end or our life." C.C.
HOLY CHILD SCHOOLS: Continue to Skype, write or communicate with other Holy Child schools.

Let us love one another and pray.
Let us love one another and be faithful.
Let us love one another and be humble,
Be filled with the charity of God.
Let us love one another with God, in God, and for God.
And we will thus be one with God for all eternity. Amen.


  • Make a movie about your school to send to another Holy Child school.
  • Research Cornelia Connelly using information from www.shcj.org and www.holychildschools.org.
  • Create a skit about Cornelia to perform for younger students.
  • Create a mural with scenes representing Cornelia’s life.
  • Create a jeopardy game with facts from Cornelia’s life/Holy Child schools.
  • How do we connect the values of Holy Child education to our own lives?
  • Plan a Prayer Service to mark the death of Cornelia Connelly, April 18. "Today we mark the end of Cornelia’s life journey, but her story lives on in all of her schools…."
  • Sponsor one of the Holy Child ministries.
  • Read and discuss particular chapters from Yes Lord, Always Yes (see above)
  • Interview a faculty member about what it means to be a member of a Holy Child School. What qualities do they associate with Holy Child Schools?
  • Cornelia Connelly Timeline lesson for grades 5/6

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