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Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Activities

CORNELIA’S LIFE: As a review, read A Generous Love: The Life of Cornelia Connelly. There will be details of Cornelia’s life the children will learn for the first time.

VALUES: Simplicity
QUOTE: “This is the time to ask for great things: faith, zeal, generosity, humility and charity.” C.C.
HOLY CHILD SCHOOLS: Research websites of other Holy Child Schools
GEOGRAPHY: Locations of both national and international Holy Child schools.

Primary resources: If applicable, look at photos of Native America students and families in


  • Focus on time periods of Cornelia's story. Put children in groups to research each time period or make a timeline using illustrations or collage; See also timeline lesson below.
  • Study Cornelia's family tree. Have students research and complete their own family tree.
  • Have small groups of children create murals or role-play periods of her life.
  • Explore the websites of the Holy Child Schools. Write a paragraph to include at least 5 facts you learned from your research.
  • Play Who Wants to be a Corneliannaire?
  • Make a connection with a class from another Holy Child school.
  • Write responses to questions:
    • What makes Holy Child Schools special?
    • Where do you see examples of simplicity, joy, faith, and perseverance?
    • What does Holy Child mean to you?
    • What does "Actions Not Words" mean to you?
  • View the European Province Video on Holy Child education. Compare and contrast the European schools with the American schools. What is the same? What is different?
  • Use SHCJ website for any type of research project.
  • Cornelia Connelly Timeline lesson for grades 5/6

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