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Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Activities

CORNELIA’S LIFE: Review all Coloring Cornelia; review all of A Generous Love: The Life of Cornelia Connelly.
Cornelia starts a new religious community of sisters: the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. She chose the name because Cornelia believed God lives and acts in each person – just as God sent his son Jesus to enter our world to teach us how to act.

VALUES: Reverence
QUOTE: "Is mine a listening soul?" C.C.
HOLY CHILD SCHOOLS: If possible, Skype with another class from an international Holy Child School.
GEOGRAPHY: With Google Earth, locate the international Holy Child schools and where the Sisters of the Holy Child have ministries throughout the world.

Primary resources:

  • Photos of Native America students and families in


  • Create a wordle with words that represent your Holy Child experiences.
  • Reenactment of Cornelia's story
  • Create a skit to represent some aspects of Cornelia’s life. (monologue to multi-person). Instructor will decide how to assign the tasks. If possible, perform for other grades or record the presentations for other students to see. Is there a place on your school’s web site where the students’ work could be published?
  • Create a collage of pictures, words and symbols that will represent all aspects of Cornelia’s life. Think about using Glogster for a web-based poster.
  • Write a song and/or choreograph a dance to represent Cornelia’s life, passions and struggles.
  • Write a 3 stanza free verse or rhyming poem about Cornelia’s life, passions and struggles.
  • Create newspaper articles about Cornelia’s life, legacy or schools.

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